About This Site

Welcome to galleries for my late mother's paintings and photographic portraits of my life based in Arizona since 2000. Photo galleries feature my dear family and friends, nature in South West, and impressions from my travels. They are all very personal and precious moments to me.

Grown up in Japan, I enjoy living in the States for the last 15 years as an adventure and an opportunity to earn an alternate perspective on my roots. With and in pursuit of photography, I would like to be more expressive and intuitive rather than descriptive and analytical. I hope that I can grow talent to be able to see and capture true-self of an individually unique subject rather than an subject as its preconceived concept. Photographs (like other forms of art) manifest the way one sees the world. I hope that I will be able to observe myself over a long period of time shifts for greater compassion and sensitivity for authentic beauty.

Enjoy - and your comments are appreciated! (you can leave comments under any gallery)

Masato Kubota
Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.
Website since 2005
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